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  • Becky Carlisle Cothern

8 "Egg"citing Easter Activities for Preschool

It's time for Easter and the kids are excited about eggs, bunnies, and candy. Finding things that kids are excited about and using this excitement for learning and growth is key to students' joy in learning. Here are 8 Easter activities to use in your preschool, pre-k, or homeschool program to help students develop necessary skills while enjoying this Easter season.

Activity #1: Egg Scissor Practice

Learning how to cut with scissors is an important skill in preschool. Students can cut different lines and angles on paper eggs and then staple the egg pieces together to make a beautifully decorated egg for bulletin boards, writing projects, classroom art, etc.

Activity #2: Egg Number Puzzles

Developing number sense is crucial in preschool. Students will identify the number, tally marks, and dot patterns for each number 1-10 as they put together each puzzle. Because all the puzzles are straight lines students must depend on their number sense to put the correct pieces together. To print these puzzles click on the link below.

Activity #3: Egg Alphabet Cards

Hide the egg alphabet cards in the water table with Easter grass. Students will hunt through the grass to find an egg alphabet card. Students will identify the letter name and sound on the egg. Students will continue identifying letters until all the eggs have been found. Students can then put the egg alphabet cards in abc order. Identifying alphabet letter names and sounds is important for reading success. It is also important for students to put letters in abc order.

Activity #4: Egg Shape Playdough Mats

Students will practice making basic shapes (square, triangle, circle, rectangle, star, and heart) using playdough. Students can place playdough directly on the mats over the shape for increased scaffolding; or build the shape out of playdough on the blank space using the shape mat only as a guide. You will find all printables by downloading the product at the end of this blog.

Activity #5: Jellybean Counting Eggs

Counting is crucial and you can customize the number your students count using these jellybean counting eggs. Place the number of jellybeans in each egg prior to the activity. For example, if students keep skipping 7 place 7, 8, and 9 jellybeans in each egg. Students will open up the egg and count the jellybeans. This simple activity encourages repetition and practice as students are excited to open up the eggs over and over again.

Activity #6: Hide the Number

Using plastic egg pieces students can identify and search for numbers. Call out a number or have each student roll a die. The students cover up all of that number on the page. Take the eggs off and repeat with other numbers. There are two number sheets to differentiate instruction.

Activity #7: Hide the Letter

This is just like the hide the number game. However this game uses alphabet letters. You can call out a letter name, sound, or object and have students find the beginning sound. There are 4 pages to include each letter of the alphabet. Don't forget to print each page in the link at the bottom of this post.

Activity #8: Easter Bunny Counting Cards

For a simple print and go activity these counting cards make a quick and easy center. Students count the jellybeans on each Easter bunny card. After counting the candy students will label the total number with numbers written on eggs. This combines counting with numeral recognition.

You can find all of these activities for Easter in my TPT store. ENJOY!!!

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