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Toy Store Themed Activities for Summer Learning

Last week we did summer learning activities themed around a toy store. We set up a toy store in our home for some real-life experiences as well as played with some of our favorite toys (Legos). These summer learning activities were used to review skills learned in preschool and first grade for my two kids. Since the last quarter of school was so unprecedented I wanted to ensure that my kids will be ready for the next grade in the fall.

Toy Store Dramatic Play

There are so many skills children learn in dramatic play including language, reading, and math. We set up this dramatic play center in our home and played every day. On the first day we set up the center. The kids read the words on the labels and collected the toys. They also sorted toys into sizes large, medium, and small.

The second day we made wish lists of what toys we would want to buy at a toy store. The kids loved this activity and wanted to buy the toys for real. I had to remind them that this was a pretend toy store.

The next day the kids bought toys one at a time. My preschooler was responsible to identify the number on the price tag, and would pay by counting out one dollar bills. My first grader would pay for the toy with either a 5 dollar bill or a 10 dollar bill. He would then have to think of a subtraction sentence to find out how much change he got back and tell me the difference.

Thursday they bought multiple toys. They would write the name of 3 toys on a receipt and then add the three prices to find the sum. My kids did this together since my preschooler was not able to add. She pointed to and spelled the words for my first grader. Then my kindergartener wrote the numbers for my son to add together.

Friday was fun day. The kids got to explore and play however they wanted.

Lego letters and words

My family loves Legos so we used blocks to build letters (preschooler) and sight words (first grader). As my children built with the Legos they repeated the letter name and sound (preschooler) or sight word and spelling (first grader).

Summer Readiness Activities

If you are looking for other ideas to prepare your child for school in the fall Try these Summer Readiness Resources. They include assessment of major skills as well as activities to teach and review each area of the curriculum.

I hope you have a great summer of learning and that your children will be ready for a return to school in the fall. If you like these ideas make sure to pin the picture below and sign up for emails to read each blog for fun ideas, discounts, and freebies. ENJOY!!!

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