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Family and Child Development Lab


Welcome to the Family and Child Development Lab. We are located in Mendenhall Mississippi and offers a half day preschool five days a week, professional trainings for educators and parents, as well as online lesson plans and supplemental homework packets to further or build your child's eduction. We tailor our focus on academics and teaching the child and family to ensure success. The Family and Child Development Lab works with children from birth to 6 years old as well as their parents to build a strong educational foundation. Research shows that children who participate in a quality preschool and have a family who promotes education will be more successful in school. The Family and Child Development Lab provides resources for free or low cost to families and their children.  All the resources provided are research-based and high quality to give the children the best education. 


Our Philosophy

At the Family and Child Development Lab we know that every parent loves their child and wants to provide them with the best education possible.  To help with this, we provide free or low cost parent resources as well as a research-based high quality preschool to prepare students for further education. We believe every child is capable of learning and there is no reason for children to be held back in school because they were not prepared from the beginning. 


Our Online Resources

To help reach children throughout the United States and around the world, the Family and Child Development Lab offers a variety of resources online for parents and educators. Each section of the website contains research, developmental checklists, and activities for helping your child learn and develop intellectually.  For those parents and educators with preschool age children we also offer the preschool scripted curriculum.  These lesson plans have everything a teacher or parent would need to teach a complete five day week of preschool.  Children learn the alphabet, numbers, early reading skills, patterns and shapes, as well as fine motor, sensory skills, and discovery. Each of these lesson plans are completly scripted with the language and practice your child needs to be successful. As the lessons build on each other your child will gain fluency and confidence with these necessary skills to be successful.  For parents and educators with school age children we offer a book entitled "Beginning Fluency: A Systematic Approach to Building Fluency" this book is used to teach and practice the early reading concepts to be mastered for fluent reading. Also available are our Kindergarten Common Core Packets.  Each packet contains several worksheets, centers, and materials to teach several lessons on one specific area of the Common Core State Standards. All of these resources are available through our products page. 


Our Physical Location

At our physical location you will be able enroll your child in a

high quality research-based preschool that will provide your 

child with the best education in the area. You will also have

available to you book packets that build comprehension, fluency,

phonics, and writing skills. These book packets will be available

for checkout to those enrolled in our home-school connections.

Finally, we offer off-site trainings for parents and para-

professionals to increase their understanding on how to improve

the education of young children. Please email me about enrolling

your child in our preschool, home-school connections, or to set

up a parent or para-professional training at your site.  

Facebook: familyandchilddevelopmentlab​

Address: Mendenhall, MS. 39114


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