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  • Becky Carlisle Cothern

Learning Activities with "Rosie's Walk"

I love using quality literature in all my lessons. The storybook, "Rosie's Walk", is perfect for young readers. The simple story uses short phrases and pictures to tell the story of a hen walking around the farm as the fox tries to catch her. However, the fox stumbles in his efforts leaving the hen to continue back home safe and sound. Teachers can use this book for a variety of skills, including:

* sequencing

* making predictions

* mapping skills

* positional words

* comprehension skills

* character mapping

* animals on the farm

* places on a farm

Below are a few of the activities you can find in my book extension activities of "Rosie's Walk."

This story uses a lot of position words to describe where Rosie is traveling around the farm. Take advantage of this language to practice position words with your students. These vocabulary will be necessary not only for language development but also math skills. Play the game, "Where's Rosie?" to pull this language out of your students and invite them to build their confidence with the new vocabulary.

After learning and practicing position words use the language to retell the story of "Rosie's Walk". Make the characters to use on the story map. Act out the story with the characters as you retell the story around the farm. Using the story map and characters will make retelling seem like a game. Students will enjoy this retelling activity so much they will start to make their own stories Rosie and the fox. You can get the story map and characters here on TPT.

Make characters out of paper plates, paint, and construction paper. This craftivity would be a perfect art activity to accompany a writing page describing each character and their role in the story.

Although simple this story is a great one for assessing students early comprehension skills because the words are simple and the pictures convey most of the meaning. At the end of the unit after completing several activities the book students will understand the book very well and be ready to show their understanding of the book. Students can answer simple questions using question cards and clothes pins.

Also included in my extension activities are character maps, writing pages, sequencing worksheet, position word posters, writing extension for walking in the woods, and more. You can find book extension activities for this story as well as many other books on my TPT store.

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