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  • Becky Carlisle Cothern

How to Make Writing Fun in December

Writing is an important skill necessary for students to learn, but most kids hate writing instruction. So how do you make writing fun so kids will want to write? Use projects not prompts.

So many times for writing assignments, we give a short prompt and ask students to write about. Even if the topic is enjoyable, prompt writing seems mundane. Well, the mundane is over with these monthly writing projects. Students will use writing in authentic and creative ways combined with other curriculum items such as art, social studies, and even science. Now writing will seem like a break from school instead of just another lesson.

Here are a few of the writing projects available in "December Writing Projects for Young Writers". These projects are geared specifically for students K-2 to be simple, developmentally appropriate, and engaging.

All I Want for Christmas Persuasive Writing

Christmas is a perfect time to introduce persuasive writing. As students are asking for all kinds of things this Christmas have them write a persuasive piece about why they should get the present they are asking for and not a lump of coal. Even young writers can begin to form reasons for why something is important, how it can be beneficial for both parties, or why they deserve the toy. These early stages of persuasive writing will be a foundation for more advanced writing in the future.

Gingerbread Man Recipe

For a holiday writing project that is less Christmas specific try this gingerbread man recipe. Students will choose from a variety of different shapes for candy pieces. After decorating their Gingerbread man students will write down the list of candies used in their gingerbread recipe. This modified version of a recipe helps students see the parts that make up a whole and gives function for their writing.

Christmas Tree Poem

Combine writing with math using this Christmas Tree Poem. Students are anxiously counting down the days until Christmas. This original Christmas Poem can be copied completely by the students are glued on and traced by the students (depending on writing ability). As an extra math is integrated into the art side of this project, enhancing the number sense up to 5.

Themed Writing Paper

These themed writing papers can be used for a variety of purposes. Place in a writing center, write letters to Santa, write "thank you" letters, write a fictional story, retell a favorite book, leave a note for a friend, have the elf leave notes each day, etc.

Also included in this product are writing projects for:

* Holidays Around the World

* How to Build a Toy

* 12 Days of Christmas Counting Book

* Kwanzaa Mat Family Traditions

* Hanukkah Gelt Opinion Writing

These 9 writing projects are available on my TPT store. Click the picture below to purchase or you can buy in the money saving bundle.

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