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  • Rebecca Carlisle Cothern

How to make a Pumpkin Themed Science Center

I love setting up science centers because of the discovery, inquiry, and observations students can make. You can actually see the students learning as they interact and experiment with the materials in the center. In this post, I will show you some experiments and activities you can do using pumpkins. Students will use concepts in force & motion, observation & investigation, life processes, attributes of matter, and the scientific method as they explore pumpkins. All of these pumpkin science activities are available in one digital download "Pumpkin Science Centers."

The first activity uses force and motion to measure how far a pumpkin can roll down a ramp. Students will build ramps out of building blocks and then roll a pumpkin down the ramp measuring how far it rolls past the ramp. What variables make the pumpkin roll farther?

The next activity is a pumpkin book where students will use their observation skills to investigate a pumpkin. The students will use their senses as they explore the outside and inside of the pumpkin. Students can share their insights and discoveries by writing or drawing in the book.

The third activity is the pumpkin life cycle. Included with this activity is a life cycle poster and mini word wall. Students will use the word wall to fill in the missing word for each statement and then draw a picture to match the statement.

The fourth activity is the parts of the pumpkin craftivity. Students will use construction paper to construct their own pumpkin. Students will then use the word wall to label the different parts they created on their pumpkin.

The last activity is sink or float. Students will not only make hypothesis about whether the pumpkin will sink or float; but also the different parts of the pumpkin. Were their hypothesis correct? Students will record their results.

These pumpkin activities can be combined into one large science center that students can choose any activity or you can focus on one activity at a time spanning over the week or the entire month. I hope you have found these ideas inspiring and will be able to use them in your classroom this month. You can get a digital download of each activity in my TPT store.


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