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  • Rebecca Carlisle Cothern

5 Quick and Easy DIY Activities for the Winter Olympics

Are you getting ready to celebrate the Winter Olympics in your classroom? Here are 5 quick and easy DIY activities you can set up in your classroom to bring learning and fun together.

1. Ice Skating Rink:

Try setting up an ice skating rink in your Dramatic Play center. Lay a piece of white tarp or laminated butcher paper on the floor. Tape securely so students don't have any accidents.

Make "skates" out of pieces of foam. Attach ribbon so students can tie the skates onto their feet.

Provide students with cards showing different skating poses. Students can try to replicate the ice skaters in the pictures. Click here for dramatic play printables!

Students can even play with judges, scoring cards, and medals for the winners!

2. Hockey:

Need a change of pace on the ice rink? Why not change it into a hockey game. Use the same rink from ice skating. Students can also use the same "skates".

This time add wrapping paper tubes for sticks and the lid from a mayonnaise jar for the puck. Goals can be added using cones or a cardboard box and your done. You just made the ice skating rink into a hockey rink.

3. Olympic Event Block Center:

Students will explore STEM concepts as they build a stadium for the opening ceremonies, ski jumps, ski lifts, half pipes, and much more. Expose students to the many different structures at the Winter Games and let their imaginations go wild. Click here for printables!

For added fun try adding colored rings or miniature country flags for students to enhance their structures.

4. Bobsled Project Learning:

Creating a project together is a great way to learn math and problem solving, social and cooperative skills, as well as art and creativity. Students can work in small groups to create their own bobsled.

Students will need a long bin or cardboard box, a variety of paper and smaller boxes, tape, and art materials for decorating. Students work together to create their bobsled.

Once bobsleds are created pretend like your driving it down the lane as you synchronize leaning right and left.

5. Tacky and the Winter Games:

This is a great read a loud for the Olympic Games and the students love the hilarious character of Tacky. See how Tacky and his fellow penguins prepare and compete in the Winter Games.

After reading the story try several different extension activities in math and reading. Or try making your own skies out of pool noodles (directions are in the product). This product can bring learning and fun together as you explore the Winter Games. Click here for product!

Want to save a BUNDLE? Try bundling all my Winter Olympic products together. This will give you the most materials to use at the BEST deal!

Love these Ideas? Don't forget to pin the picture below so you can always find them again.

What are you doing in your classroom for the Winter Olympics. Leave your comments below.

Thanks for Reading!

Becky Cothern

Family and Child Development Lab

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