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  • Rebecca Carlisle Cothern

HURRY!!! WIN a $10 Gift Card to Teachers Pay Teachers!!!

That's right, this weekend you can WIN a $10 gift card for Teachers Pay Teachers. This is perfect for the holiday sale (we all know it's coming, shhh!) The contest ends Tuesday morning at midnight and the WINNERS will be given the gift card Tuesday morning (after I wake up). What a great chance to get something nice for the teachers in your life or a little something for yourself. But you have to HURRY because the giveaway is only 3 days this weekend (Sat, Sun, and Mon).

How do you enter?

It's simple. Click on the raffle-copter below or click on the giveaway tab on my Facebook page. There are 4 ways to enter. Some you can only do once but others you can do every day for a total of 8 entries. Here's the entries:

!. Follow me on TPT: You can do this once. All I need is your follower number. Already following me, just let me know. I like to believe most people are honest, especially our teachers.

2. Follow me on Facebook: You can do this once too. Once again all I need is a follower number.

3. Comment on the Pinned Post: Choose a product from my TPT store you would like. (It can be over the $10.) Copy and paste a link in the comments below the pinned post and then let me know which product you liked. The best part is you can do this everyday!!!

4. Share the Pinned Post: Don't be selfish and keep the giveaway to yourself share it on your page or tag a friend. We want to share this exciting news with all our friends and family so they have a chance to win too. This one you can also do everyday!

I wish y'all the best of luck and a Happy Holiday with family and friends. ENJOY!

Having trouble viewing the rafflecopter above? Try this link:

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