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  • Becky Carlisle Cothern

How to find the right preschool curriculum?

Finding the right preschool curriculum is hard. When you search on google there are so many out there with so many different prices. How can you find the right one? And why do we even need to have a preschool curriculum? Is educational programming on T.V. enough?

Although enrollment in a state preschool program is at an all time high in the United States; at 32% many children still do not have access to or the ability to attend a certified preschool program. This is important especially as research shows a strong correlation between children who participate in a preschool program with future academic success. And quality does matter, studies show that a high-quality preschool increase student achievement and shows long term benefits. It does not however mean your child has to be a statistic. Parents, private preschools, and day cares can offer more to make sure every child is ready and prepared for school. Preparing a child for education does not mean putting them in a desk and lecturing them. Preparing a child for education starts at birth as we talk to and play with the baby. It continues as we read, sing, and count with them. Children learn social skills, emotional skills, language skills, and cognitive skills as they interact with others. Our job as parents, care givers, and preschool teachers is to create an environment with learning activities that engage children and help them develop the skills they will need to be successful in their schooling.

To help parents, care givers, and teachers meet these high demands but in a playful developmentally appropriate way I have created scripted preschool lesson plans. Each activity is scripted out so any parent, care giver, or teacher can be successful in creating quality activities with language and direction that will encourage learning and growth in each child. These lessons and activities were also created using a variety of state preschool curriculums and the common core to ensure students are able to meet the learning objectives required by their state and prepare them for kindergarten.

I've included a wide variety of lessons that cover multiple subjects including calendar, alphabet, name activities, songs and finger plays, nursery rhymes, phonemic awareness, read a loud, math, science, art, snack, dramatic play, and more. There are 12 thematic units that cover 180 days of school. Parents, care givers, and teachers can adapt these lessons as needed to create a program that is tailored for their children. Along with lesson plans there is a detailed list of all the materials you will need. As well as tons of printable resources to complete each activity. These lesson plans were created with parents and teachers in mind using simple basic supplies to teach high-quality lessons. Print and use what works for your children then watch them blossom and grow. To help monitor this growth I have also included assessments that can be given by a parent or teacher.

There are several different companies that sell preschool currriculums so why use this one? First, because it was written by an Early Childhood teacher with years of experience teaching students within the classroom. Second, I'm a mom and aunt who created this curriculum for my family and the children I love the most. Third, this program is a lot cheaper- you get more for less. Every curriculum out there is going to include reading and math but there are few curriculums that include thematic snacks, finger-plays, and even calendar suggestions. Fourth, this curriculum is scripted so regardless of your expertise you can be successful with delivering quality lessons. Finally, you can try before you buy. Just use the link below to download the preview to a one week lesson. This single week includes 90 pages of lessons and printable resources that you can use with your child to decide if it is right for you. This is a full week minus the bonuses (dramatic play centers, block centers, classroom set up, classroom assessments.) If you enjoy this program, which I know you will, the entire year including bonuses can be purchased at less than $1.50 per school day. That's all the lessons, printables, centers, classroom management, and assessments, plus any extra curriculum that is added in the future. I hope you enjoy this curriculum if you have any questions just shoot me an email.

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