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  • Becky Cothern

6 Weeks of Fall Learning Activities

Fall is a great time to learn and explore the wonderful world outside. From leaves changing color to temperatures dropping learning is available all around us. Below are a few of my favorite activities for parents and teachers to take advantage of this fall.

1. Play in the Leaves:

Always a favorite pastime playing in the leaves is more than just fun; it’s educational too. Next time you play in the leaves try seeing how far you can blow a leaf, estimate how many leaves you can hold in one hand, or take a closer look at how each leaf is different from its shape, color, and veins.

2. ​Temperatures:

Falling temperatures bring warm sweaters, jackets, fall colors, and thermometers. Take advantage of the falling temperatures and have kids experiment with thermometers. What’s the temperature in the sun, in the shade, with the wind blowing? Why does it feel colder when the wind blows even though the temperature doesn’t drop?

3. Harvest Time:

Talk with your child about the parts of plants. We eat the seeds of corn, fruit of an apple, and stem of a celery plant. Compare and contrast different foods such as apples and pumpkins. And of course measure and count as you make yummy fall recipes.

For more ideas and learning resources check out some of my fall preschool products. With these two units you will have 6 weeks or educational fun. Enjoy!

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