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  • Becky Cothern

I can't believe I reached 1,000 followers!

I am so excited to reach 1,000 Facebook followers on my business page. When I first started the Family and Child Development Lab I was amazed to reach out to 100 people. Now I am reaching thousands- I never thought I would be here. To celebrate this HUGE milestone I am having a giveaway!!! The giveaway will start Sept. 7 and run through Sept. 14.

This giveaway is exactly how I like them- SIMPLE. I know everyone loves FREE stuff so I am giving away a $10 TPT gift card. I also know everyone hates a lot of hoops to jump through so entry is simple:

  1. Go to my Facebook page under the giveaway tab (

  2. Choose at least one of the three ways to enter.

That’s it! The three options are just to give everyone choices to enter the way they find most easy. You can do one, two or all three. None of them are required but they will give you different number of entries to increase your chances of winning.

The only other thing you have left to do is let any friends who you absolutely love know about the giveaway. Or keep it quiet so there are fewer contestants and better odds for you. Just kidding, I want you to get the word out. Then we can all celebrate when a winner is chosen and I’ll post the winner on my Facebook page.

Thanks to all my family and friends who have helped encourage me to take a leap and start this business. It truly is a blessing for me and my family.

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