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  • Becky Cothern

The Best Classroom Ever

In my fifth year teaching, my school was adding on and asked the teachers to work together as a grade level to design our new classrooms. We visited many schools in the area and looked at lots of magazines to get the classrooms that we wanted. We had customized shelves and drawers, lots of counter space, a built-in computer center, 2 sets of cubbies, hooks, bright colors, hard tile for the art and science centers, carpet and soft areas over the rest of the room, a coat closet and work space for the teacher, and so much more.

It is every teacher’s dream to design their own classroom and that is just what I got to do with mine. Fast forward a few years later and I moved states and started teaching in a school that didn’t have the same resources and supplies for teachers. This classroom had a broken linoleum floor with missing ceiling pieces; one storage cabinet in the corner with no counters; no bulletin boards and only concrete walls. What happened to my dream classroom? It was gone.

However, I have learned that the best classroom ever is not made by painted walls, soft floor coverings, or lots of storage spaces. The best classroom ever is created through using the resources you have to make learning areas for students. No I did not have the prettiest classroom but I could create centers for math, reading, writing, and science. I purchased my own rugs and shelves to create these areas. I received a lot of complaints from the district but now I was happy and my students were happy. Most importantly the students were learning (something the principal was pleasantly surprised with).

Today I teach preschool in my home and have created learning areas in the small space I have set aside for my classroom. These learning spaces provide room for my students to learn and develop the skills they will need to be successful. So, what makes the best classroom ever? My answer; learning spaces.

If you are trying to create the best classroom ever in your space try one of several back to school classroom décor bundles. These bundles provide hundreds of items to decorate your classroom. Each bundle is made with coordinating colors and clip art so the labels, posters, management tools, binders, and everything else will match.

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