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The BEST Math & Literacy Centers for Fall

Teaching in centers or small groups has proven to be very effective in the classroom (Jacques D 2003, Richmond DE 1984). These math and literacy centers will help you create an engaging learning environment this fall and help meet the needs of every student. Below I will share a few of the centers you can use in your classroom.

Leaf Sequencing


Sequencing is an important skill. Students can sequence these trees to show the progression of fall leaves. Add writing paper to the center and have students write about what is happening during each stage of the tree. This writing could be turned into a book, bulletin board, portfolio, or just sent home for parents.


Leaf Hunt

Cut out paper leaves with upper and lowercase letters. Students can pull out the leaves and place them in abc order or they can match upper and lowercase letters. You can also keep it simple and have the student pull out one leaf to identify with its name and sound. This same activity could be repeated with numbers instead of alphabet letters.

Sight Word Trees

Using the same paper alphabet leaves students can spell sight words. Choose sight words that you want students to focus on. They could be 2, 3, 4 or 5 letter sight words. Students spell the sight word with the leaves and then write it on the recording sheet. You could also place recording sheets in page protectors and use a dry erase marker to save on paper.

Sight Words

Word Family Rhyming Baskets


This game is perfect for practicing word families or rhyming words. If you are practicing word families I would include writing paper and have the students spell each picture word in the basket.

Students can collect rhyming words using these fall leaf baskets. Tape the label on the outside of a basket and have students shuffle the cards. Students say the name of the picture and then place it in the correct basket. There are 10 word family baskets in my fall centers. You can get these printable here.

Video of Literacy Centers

These are just a few ideas to make engaging fall reading centers for your classroom this month. You can see these literacy centers in action in the following video. Keep reading below to find some great ideas for incorporating math into your fall centers.

Leaf Patterns

These leaf pattern cards can be cut apart as individual playing pieces or kept together as a work page. There are 10 pattern cards in total. Students can match the pattern, extend the pattern, and even label their patterns on a recording sheet.

Leaf Pile Addition and Subtraction

Students can rake up or rake apart a leaf pile using these addition and subtraction cards. Students place the first number of leaves in a pile. Students then rake a second pile together or rake away a certain number of leaves from the pile. Students can write and solve each problem. I used snap cubes for the leaves and a salad tong for the rake.

Leaf Color Sorting

This center is especially helpful for younger learner or as an intervention. Students lay the 4 trees out in the center and then sort the leaves into green, yellow, red, and orange. You can purchase these printables by clicking here.

Leaf Comparing Numbers

Comparing numbers is an important skill to develop number sense. Students can choose 2 numbers, create those numbers out of play dough, and then compare the numbers with fall kids holding signs. This activity can be repeated over and over again providing ample practice with the skill. I put mine in a page protector and had students write the number on the tree trunk to get one more skill of number sense in the activity. This is a great center as it practices identifying, writing, counting, and comparing numbers.

Video of Math Centers

These are just a few ideas to make engaging fall math centers for your classroom this month. You can see these math centers in action in the following video. If you are interested in these printables click on the images below.

All of these printables plus many more are available on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click the image to the visit each product in my store. Do you like FREEBIES??? You can purchase both the reading centers and math centers and get TWO sight word fall centers for FREE! Click Here for the money saving bundle.

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